Coroner: A Packet Dissection Framework

Coroner is a packet dissection framework written in Lua. Scripts written using the framework are intended to run in capdiss - a runtime environment for packet dissection.

Coroner is a free software licensed under GPLv2.




coroner Main module.
coroner.bstr Functions for byte string manipulation.
coroner.color An extension of the default string library, providing a single function string.color.
coroner.getopt Parse command options (POSIX/SUS compliant).

Classes Intermediary application module. A dissector application.
coroner.protocol.dummy Dummy protocol.
coroner.protocol.eth Ethernet II frame dissector.
coroner.protocol.http HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) dissector.
coroner.protocol.icmp Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packet dissector.
coroner.protocol.ip Internet protocol version 4 packet dissector.
coroner.protocol.ipv6 Internet protocol version 6 packet dissector.
coroner.protocol.tcp Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) packet dissector.
coroner.protocol.udp User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet dissector.


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